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Flood Insurance

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Homeowners may not realize that their insurance policy doesn't cover flood damage. While most homeowners insurance policies will cover things like fire damage or property loss, it may not necessarily cover flood damage. If this is the case with your insurance policy, you will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy from your insurance agency. This is especially pertinent if your property is located in an area that is at high risk of flood damage.

Flood Insurance in Texas

For some regions, it is a requirement that property owners buy insurance, and that can include flood insurance. For instance, property owners living in the Gulf Coast region must buy flood insurance in order to be eligible to receive benefits from a TWIA policy. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is an organization dedicated to protecting Texans against windstorm property damage. If you own property on the Gulf Coast of Texas, you might want to check if you live in one of the flood zones: V, VE, or V1-V30. If your property is located in one of these areas, then it is required that you have flood insurance.

Many Texans are able to find flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program, otherwise known as NFIP. However, some private insurers can provide flood insurance as well.

Flood Coverage from Harvest Insurance Group

The Harvest Insurance Group is offering flood insurance policies to the people of Texas. The flood insurance package will provide coverage for a variety of damage. If your home was destroyed by a flood, the Harvest Insurance Group would provide the assistance needed to finance repairs or replace it. To learn more about how the agency covers flood damages, visit or call the Harvest Insurance Group at 805-496-9646.

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